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Monday, February 22, 2010

Misplaced Rage : Michelle Malkin Edition

Just read this and tell me you don't realize now that Malkin is more concerned about what big business desires over the American public.

Earlier this month, I flagged the White House jihad against Anthem Blue Cross of California over its rate increases (see Feb. 9, 2010, Will the White House demand that every business “justify” its price increases?).

That campaign has now become the new cornerstone of the Demcare revival.

Did she just equate saving the American public money with Islamic Jihad? Yep, she sure did.

The update on the piece originally insisting that measures for cost control are secret code that means Obama/healthcare providers are going to fuck us anyway now includes the tired meme that this proposal ( linked in the previous post ) is more expensive than the proposed Senate version.

What Malkin and other mouth-breathing sycophants are realizing is that this is an opening bid, a "proposal" that is meant to jump-start the televised talks this Thursday. Nothing has passed, because of House and Senate Republicans due to the rank disinformation of people like Michelle Malkin.

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