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Friday, February 19, 2010

Who Are The Supporters

Today, Nate Silver highlights two questions from an ABC News/Washington Post survey regarding how people view the SCOTUS Citizens United ruling that allows unlimited spending by corporations and unions during election seasons on ads.

The results show that the American people think this is a horrible idea.

The bipartisan nature of these views is striking in these largely partisan times. The court’s ruling is opposed, respectively, by 76, 81 and 85 percent of Republicans, independents and Democrats; and by 73, 85 and 86 percent of conservatives, moderates and liberals. Majorities in all these groups, ranging from 58 to 73 percent, not only oppose the ruling but feel strongly about it.

I'm honestly concerned about how the mid-term elections are going to be affected by this ruling. Considering the fact that a plurality of Americans know this is a bad idea, are corporations really going to be able to sway elections the way they would like?

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