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Monday, February 22, 2010

Typical Washington Times Prattling

Talk about horse-shit dressed up at reportage with merit. Leave it to the conservative Washington Times to come up with narrative that will play well with the Fox"News" set.

President Obama, who pledged to establish the most open and transparent administration in history, on Monday surpasses his predecessor's record for avoiding a full-fledged question-and-answer session with White House reporters in a formal press conference.

President George W. Bush's longest stretch between prime-time, nationally televised press conferences was 214 days, from April 4 to Nov. 4, 2004. Mr. Obama tops that record on Monday, going 215 days - stretching back to July 22, according to records kept by CBS Radio's veteran reporter Mark Knoller.

The Times writer, Joseph Curl, furthers the storyline that Obama's last presser was a "disaster" ( remember the question regarding the arrest of Henry Louis Gates? ) and that Obama is now somehow afraid of the media.

This is nothing more than a pathetic attempt by the Washington Times to create the image of a President that is weak when it comes to fielding questions. I suppose Curl and the Times editors didn't see the Q&A session between Obama and Republicans over healthcare. Not exactly "weak" or "afraid".

Round Two is coming up on Thursday Joseph, you might want to tune in.

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