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Monday, February 15, 2010

Third Party Ideals

The very idea of the Tea-Baggers becoming a third-party in all political races across the country is an idea I can get behind, as they would never stand a chance of winning.

The Las Vegas Sun reports today that the "Tea Party" has qualified as a political party in Nevada and will put up a candidate to challenge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) in the state's 2010 Senate race.

This comes after a report 11 days ago from the Hartford Courant that Tea Partiers had done the same thing in Connecticut, filing with the Secretary of State's office to become a third party in that state (though there was some confusion about this at the Connecticut Secretary of State's office).

This raises the question: does the future of the Tea Party movement lie in forming officially recognized political parties on a state by state basis?

And while historically, some "third party" candidates have won elections, they traditionally caucus with either the Republicans or Democrats. To be an actual "third party", you would have absolutely no connections to the two that have traditionally been accepted.

As the Tea-Baggers are seeing people move away from them [ like Dick Armey and Michelle Bachman did when they opted out of the Nashville convention, when their "leaders" continually refuse to show up to events they have created - like Beck did with the 9/12 Rally in DC, and to even the people that are jumping ship because they are too crazy - like Erick Erickson of RedState ( as he won't allow "birthers" to post any longer on his site ) and Charles Johnson of LGF who left the conservative movement all together ] one begins to see that their own particular blend of paranoia and megalomania has adversely effected their ability to see what would happen to them should they attempt to form a "third party". Such a move would be disastrous.

The Tea-Baggers wouldn't be able to function in any parliamentary setting, as their idiotic tactics would literally grind government procedure to a halt and their proposed policies ( should they ever be implemented ) would turn the entire country into a massive Colorado Springs.

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