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Friday, February 19, 2010

Andrew's Blubbery Rage: Pt. II

I'm with Paddy ( The Political Carnival ) on this one. The more you hear Breitbart prattle on as if he knows what he's talking about, you get the sense that he is one of the most magnificent ass-goblins on the planet.

It sounds all nice in his head, I would imagine, but are we really expected to believe that he would actually say all that to her if they met? He obviously has a very low opinion of Rachel Maddow and anyone who would rightfully point out his connection to James O'Keefe's illegal activities.

That aside, Breitbart's continued assertions that it's all the fault of the mainstream media that the Tea Baggers ( and conservativism as a whole ) are viewed negatively. Certainly, there are opinion shows ( Ed Schultz, Olbermann, and Maddow ) that express their opinions about the Tea Baggers and conservatives, but they have clear examples of racist, hypocrisy, and general ignorance. These weren't just fabricated, as Andrew would have us believe.

And this blathering nonsensical narrative that the media at large held up Obama as some religious icon is preposterous beyond measure. In point of fact, it is the conservative movement that is in the business of deification. Just look at how they treat people like Palin, Brown, and Reagan. If anything, conservatives like Andrew have set the bar so mind-bogglingly high, that there is no way that Obama ( or any Democrat ) will ever meet their alleged "standards". Odd that that bar is considerably lower when Republicans are in power.

Andrew Breitbart is a man of bluster and no substance. His colorful invective creates the illusion that he has some semblance of higher brain functions and original thought. He's really not saying anything new.

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