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Thursday, February 18, 2010

GOP "Truth"

I'm beginning to wonder exactly how many Republicans are "Truthers".

Think Progress has some more on this, as well as relevant context that includes Beck "outing" a Tea Bagger "Triuther" Debra Medina.

If there's one thing that conservatives are known for, it's the ability to stay on message when you know that millions of people are watching, even when it means you're dribbling lies onto your Brooks Brothers suit. But they haven't been able to figure out that citizen journalism ( and no, I'm not talking about the Breitbart kind where you're breaking the law ) has been doing more to shine a light on conservative hypocrisy than most mainstream outlets.

Has the Tea Bagger narrative, that conspiratorial twitch, began to slither into the minds of sitting Republican Congressional members? Of course it has. It's been there since Jan. 20th of last year. All one has to do is look at people like Jim DeMint and Michelle Bachman for perfect examples. These people are so anti-government that storylines like Sept. 11th was a "false flag" operation begin to makes sense to them. Not because they are anti-Bush, but because they have erased from their memories that Bush was ever in office. That is, until someone calls him out for the complete disaster his presidency was, then they are on the defence.

The point is that these people are so disconnected from reality that they will say anything if their handlers aren't around to keep them in line.

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