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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

From Their Cold, Dead, Hands

This was to be expected.

In Virginia, the General Assembly approved a bill last week that allows people to carry concealed weapons in bars and restaurants that serve alcohol, and the House of Delegates voted to repeal a 17-year-old ban on buying more than one handgun a month. The actions came less than three years after the shootings at Virginia Tech that claimed 33 lives and prompted a major national push for increased gun control.

Arizona and Wyoming lawmakers are considering nearly a half dozen pro-gun measures, including one that would allow residents to carry concealed weapons without a permit. And lawmakers in Montana and Tennessee passed measures last year — the first of their kind — to exempt their states from federal regulation of firearms and ammunition that are made, sold and used in state. Similar bills have been proposed in at least three other states.

Living and working in one of most red states in the nation, I can attest that this ill-informed insanity surrounding guns and Obama is real.

From the conspiracy theory that Obama is going to tax firearms to fears that all weapons will be rounded up, the reactionary gun-owner in America is coming apart at the seams.

Nevermind the fact that these people are operating under assumptions that were debunked back when Clinton was in office, the spectre of an "angry black man" coming for your guns and your freedom is what motives these people.

One can but wonder how long it's going to be until someone in this gaggle of blathering prattle-heads takes their concealed weapon into a bar, or store, or to a townhall meeting and shoots someone in retaliation for something they think Obama is going to do.

1 comment:

rdale said...

Utah has already passed a bill that would exempt guns manufactured in Utah from any federal laws regarding background checks or anything else. So if you want to buy your Saturday-night-special and shoot someone, it's OK with the Utah lege as long as it was made in the state. The bill is on the governors desk.

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