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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Independantly Deceptive

Granted, this is Newsmax we're talking about here, but even their loyal readership should realize that this is a steaming pile of excrement.

Just when it appeared the various tea party organizations couldn't agree on anything, it looks like many of them have found common ground in support of a "Declaration of Tea Party Independence."

They primarily are declaring their independence from the political parties.

The declaration, posted on, is another sign the tea party organizations will continue to distance themselves from the Republican Party. More than 60 tea party leaders in more than 20 states reportedly have signed on to the new document. Among its highlights.

Considering that Tea Bagger Princess Sarah Palin has already addressed the seething throng of maladjusted prattle-boxes, telling them they HAVE to chose a party, doesn't this whole story wreak with the stench of "identity crisis"?

On the one hand, the Tea Baggers aren't going to vote Democratic no matter what happens. The Obama administration could cure cancer, AIDS, resurrect Reagan and bring out the worlds largest budget surplus and they'd still find fault. The flip-side is that their narrative have to match their actions. This is something that they will never be able to accomplish. These people are Republican through and through. No "Declaration" or spin from Newsmax is going to remove this very blatant and shining truth.

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