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Friday, February 12, 2010

O'Donnell's Had Enough

And rightfully so.

Mark Thiessen has tried to pull this same crap about how torture of terrorists prevented the Library Tower bombing, though that has been debunked multiple times, and Lawrence reacts the way one would expect him to.

While conservatives are is already gleefully portraying this as a completely "unhinged" and "unprofessional" rant on O'Donnell's part, one has to wonder why this didn't come sooner.

The very smug demeanor of Thiessen, who is quite comfortable with his lie, shows just how well conservatives have brainwashed themselves. They actually believe the inane drivel that seeps from their very pores.

The one part I don't quite get is Scarborough kicking everyone off the set after commercial so he can interview Thiessen. I didn't see this live, but it's a fair assumption that Joe played patty-cake with this clown and let him peddle his fact-free screed with no challenges what-so-ever.

Liberals and Progressives are fed up with people like Mark Thiessen, and there's nothing wrong with being passionate about your standpoint.

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