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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Fly The Paranoid Skies

Need anymore proof that the TSA needs some leadership?

That's right, no bomb in the underwear, no knife, gun, or a grenade, it's was Arabic language flashcards.

Having flown not long after Sept. 11th 2001, I can attest that TSA screeners are a paranoid lot that will question any and everything you have in your carry-on and in your pockets. I was selected for special screening twice - while leaving Kentucky for Colorado and coming back. Thankfully I didn't find myself in the situation that Nick George did, but I think that this shows the very nature of our society - we are told to be afraid of everything.

There's nothing wrong with taking precautions, but when you have a situation like this it makes me wonder what sort of training that TSA screeners get.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

before the tsa, before 9/11, there was husband worked in the corporate office in 1999, screening new security folks...

very few of them were american...most were from the middle east and husband worked graveyard shifts to try to contact employer references...often times he would be unsuccessful, and they WERE HIRED ANYWAY...

he said some of them would come in to interview with their entire families, one time a man came in with no shoes for the interview, expecting argenbright to supply them...

very few spoke standard english...

this is not a racial rant, this is just an observation as to why they might be going overboard with the TSA now...argenbright was on watch in every major airport since the 80s...up until 9/11/2001, no one made a fuss over the airport security (privatized, mind you, where was that regulation?)

going from one end of the spectrum to the's ridiculous...trying to compensate for past mistakes, sounds like to me! and now there's talk of body scanners!

i don't even know where i was going with this, i just thought i'd share my knowledge of airport security pre-9/11...

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