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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tossing The Tea Aside

Why is Glenn Beck ignoring the Tea Baggers?

He didn't show up at the 9/12 rally and was absent from Nashville this past weekend. By my accounts, he's only been at one rally - at the Alamo with Ted Nugent and a bunch of willfully ignorant Texans, that's it. So where was he then?

...the two-day Constitutional Coalition's Educational Policy Conference....this conference with the stodgy name has been around for 21 years. And the St. Louis-based Constitutional Coalition was started even earlier — in 1978 — by a small group worried about Soviet missiles and national defense, said one of its founders, Donna Hearne, who has deep Republican credentials of her own.

"As you can see, we are not the Tea Partiers," Hearne said, scanning a serious-looking crowd sipping morning coffee and water.

As we all know, Glenn Beck - self-proclaimed champion of The Constitution, is more than willing to distort well recorded history and fabricate all in the name of fearmongering and putting another zero to the left of the decimal point in his bank account.

So these people AREN'T the Tea Baggers, but they do draw some big names in the wingnut community: Laura Ingraham, David Horowitz, Michelle Bachman, and Phyllis Schafly.

The question should be asked - are the Tea Baggers losing credibility because the media is literally saturated with stories about them? Fox"News" would have us believe that there aren't enough stories about them - enough positive ones anyway. The reality is that more and more people aren't believing in Palin like they used to, and Beck's continued absenteeism, as well as some of the Tea Bagger's more vocal supporters walking away, has created the aura that their time in this political landscape is expiring.

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