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Monday, September 21, 2009

You Mean She's Still Around

Yep, she's still trying to milk this ride for all it's worth.

Oh, yeah, she's SOOOOO brave. It takes a lot of courage to become a conservative media darling overnight. I'm sure she cries herself to sleep in hotels that The Heritage Foundation and FreedomWorks are paying for.

And she's "never seen anything like this?" Really? Sounds like Miss Prejean needs to do a little studying on her socio-political history of America. Sure, she may just be 22, but it wasn't that long ago that the entire conservative machine was accusing Obama of being a terrorist sympathizer, a secret Muslim, and.........oh, wait, they're still doing that, aren't they.

A few more points on this.

Did you see the edit @ 2:06 and 2:44? Wonder what was cut. Probably just more about how "she's an instrument of God" and more pleas for people to feel sorry for her.

Also, why the uncomfortable pause between 2:56 and 3:05? There doesn't appear to be anyone heckling her. Maybe that voice in her head that she thinks is God was telling her to wrap it up.

And what's with the pausing her faux "choke up" to ham-it-up for the cameras. Wait, I think I just answered my question about the edit points. Pure, beauty-queen nonsense. And these people ate it up.

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