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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- Am I the only one that has noticed that, over the last couple of weeks, the DOW has been gaining really solid ground and is not that far from 10,000? Remember when conservative media outlets were all in a snit talking about "Obama's Recession" and watching the DOW as it dove down? Wonder what happened to those people.......

- Have you ever wondered where Glenn Beck's idiocy started?

- The power of amatuer video has been an invaluable resource over the last few years. Recently, Micheal Steele was speaking in Little Rock at Philander Smith College when a man posed a question that Steele / the college security detail apparently didn't appreciate.

- Michelle Bachman has hinted at reaching for higher political office in the recent past, and I for one hope that she goes for it. Everything this woman says and does is utterly amazing. She's a source of great inspiration for countless people. It's great to see that she puts her lunacy to such good use. The one thing I'm trying to figure out now is why she thinks people "vote with their feet".

- I wonder is John Boehner realizes that the very broad language in his bill to defund ACORN can include ANY organization that has taken federal money and taken part in illegal activities. I wonder how many organizations loved by and protected by conservatives would be hurt by this bill?

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