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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Some Thoughts For You Saturday Morning

- Is there any basis of fact that conservatives are operating on that proves that Obama's speech to school children next week is the first step towards mass indoctrination? Also, aren't children in school across America consistantly writing letters and essays and reports about how to help this country?

- Am I the only one that has noticed that conservatives seem to be confusing the word "progressive" and "regressive"?

- And speaking of the basics of the english language and the actual definitions of those words, why do not just conservatives but the entirity of the GOP seem to not understand what the word "context" means?

- If Sarah Palin is considered a "leader" of the conservative movement, what does that say about her as a role model to children of conservative parents? After all, this woman hasn't completed a job that she was tasked with since her failed stint as mayor of Wassila, Alaska. Conservatives all over this country completely ignored the fact that she essentially ran away from her duties as Governor.

- Conservatives have, over the past year or so, become increasingly more vocal about American history and how it is taught in schools. Why do they have such a problem with the entire American experience, both good and bad, being shown in text books?

- How long do you think it's going to take for some very prominent, very vocal, conservative to just completely loose it and call Obama a n***er? I hear this on a virtually weekly basis in my region of Kentucky. It's horrible.

- What exactly is the point of removing your kid from the entire day of education at school over a 20 minute speech from Obama encouraging kids to work hard and stay in school?

1 comment:

themom said...

As is par for the course...the right wingnuts have distorted the purpose, intention and context of our president's address to school children. What part do they NOT understand about "Back to School Message??"

When I think back these past 8 months, every step Obama has taken, there have been obstructionists. these people cannot relate to when their party was in power, and all the downright stupid shit that was done. they just want to stop Obama at every juncture.

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