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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Glenn Beck may have had a moderately central role is seeing that Van Jones was removed from his position in the Obama administration, but he's still losing advertisers.

- If most Democrats in congress still hold the same positions on healthcare reform, were the raging, ignoranct, masses at local townhalls proven completely irrelevant?

- If you have kids in school, are you keeping them from seeing a positive message from Obama encouraging them to stay in school?

- Do you realize that "Tort Reform", espoused by many if not all conservative republicans in favor of actual reform of the health insurance industry, will prevent you, your family, or someone you know from filing medical malpractice suits? It's simply another way that conservatives favor the "business" and not the "consumer".

- Why do conservatives have such regard for Labor Day yet utter contempt for labor unions that are responsible for the holiday even existing?

- With the very real and very disturbing fact that violence against women happens every day, why is it that it suddenly gets national attention because of Tila Tequila? It's horrible what was done to her, but why is she more important than any other woman that actually contributes to our society?

- Why are conservatives so enamoured with what Michelle Obama wears? Is there really nothing better for them to discuss?

- I wonder why conservatives, who are staunchly pro-military and claim to "support the troops" on a virtual hourly basis, don't seem to realize that our military benefits from socialized healthcare?

- With more than a few "Christians" ( some preachers of the faith ) coming out and openly advocating for the death of Obama, one has to wonder exactly how many "Christians" feel this way

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