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Monday, September 7, 2009

What Was That About Indoctrinating Children?

Just caught a tweet from Lee Stranahan about an oddly place commercial airing today on Cartoon Network.

...on the day before conservative crazies are about to pull their kids out of school so President Obama won't 'brainwash' them with her commie talk about personal responsabilty and gettting an education, there's an ad about 'socialized medicine' running on The Cartoon Network.

The ad makes statements that have been debunked over and over such as "You will pay for free healthcare for over 20 million illegal aliens."

A bit of quick research shows that it's the same ad that CREW said MSNBC should pull from it's older demographic because it goes "beyond misleading and well into delusional."

I wonder what dim bulb at CN decided it was a good idea to accept the ad?

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