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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Newt's Stimulation Situation

It's been said that everyone belches, farts, and masturbates. And I'm sure that conservatives aren't excluded from that by any stretch of the immagination. However, since they try day in and day out to present themselves as sure pure, honest, and religious individuals, each and every time one of them is caught in a compromising position, it's great entertainment to see them try to explain what's "really" going on.

This letter was sent to Allison Vivas of Pink Visuals by Newt's office.

Newt would like to arrange a private dinner with you at the historic Capitol Hill Club on the evening of October 7, 2009 in Washington. You’ll dine privately with Newt at this exclusive venue and he’ll take the occasion to present you with your well deserved award and have your photo taken together.

This tremendous honor is a testament to your success in building your business and recognition of the risks you take to create jobs and stimulate the economy. As an award winner, you’ll be on the ground floor as Newt and his Council begin the work to turn this country around. … Newt is looking forward to hearing your ideas on getting the economy moving again and getting your feedback on his plans over dinner.

Pink Visuals is a adult DVD megastore. Not exactly the place that one would expect a man like Gingrich to laud, much less give an award to for stimulating the economy. And then, the spin begins.

In a statement by Pink's marketing coordinator, Q Boyer, it seems that they aren't buying what Gingrich's people are trying to sell.

We're not entirely clear on how one 'inadvertently' sends a fax to the right person at the correct fax number, so our sense is that this is damage control on the part of a group that is having second thoughts about either recognizing the excellent work of a porn company entrepreneur in light of their own conservative political and social orientation, or having second thoughts about their promotional methodology and communication protocols."

As Think Progress points out, Gingrish was prepared to stomp out pornography with one of his "contracts".

Ironically, on May 17, 1995, Gingrich led a press conference on Capitol Hill announcing the Christian Coalition’s 10-point “Contract with the American Family,” a conservative legislative wish list. One of the items in the contract: restricting pornography.

With the porn industry generating billions of dollars in revenue, and red-states being those that purchase more porn than any other states, it's no suprise that Gingrich's office would honor Pink Visuals. And it's not suprise that once they were found out that they would make excuses. Just admit it guys, it's natural for everyone to like sex.

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