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Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Face Of Indoctrination

I came across this pic at Bob Cesca's blog and several questions popped into my head.

This kid, who doesn't appear to be one hopeful chest-hair more than 11 or 12, likely knows nothing about Racism, Communism, or McCarthyism, or even the political process other than what he hears about from this own family. But, there are several things that we can postulate from this pic alone.

The dog-tags likely belong to his father. Could he be another pseudo-radicalized member of the military that we have seen pop up in sporadic frequency over the past 9 months? Is this boy subjected to racist rantings at the dinner-table fueled by cheap whiskey and personal failures? However, the boys appearance leads me to believe that he isn't from a lower-income home. He appears to be well taken care of, and his mother or father seem to have enough money to throw away on a trip to DC and right-wing fringe coture.

However, even at that age, aside from hearing the inane ramblings of his parents, he is likely smart enough to do a little research on his own. Is he afraid to, or has he become so steeped in abject ignorance that he is numb to it all now? With the ever elevating technical abilities of America's youth and their ability to use the internet better than most adults 2 and 3 times their age, one would have to wonder how a kid this age even believes one putrid ounce of what his family apparently believes in.

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