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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Why Didn't This Play Out Differently?

While this has been a point that has been continually validated by the Right, it's not focused on enough.

While it is interesting to note that conservatives and former members of the Bush administration continually laud Bush's complete lack of reaction as the appropriate course of action, this was the first signifier that we had that George W. Bush completely lacked any sort of leadership capabilities in the face of a national emergency.

Not only that, but where were the Secret Service during this? There was a verified attack on the nation and they weren't concerned about getting the president to safety? And not only that, but the remaining members of the Bush administration staff that were there seemed to show some signs of concern. Was it over the situation in New York City or was is that the man that they had to answer to simply sat there, an utter look of confusion playing across his face, and did nothing? Did they quesiton his ability to lead at this point, or were they just as confused as he. After all, there had been intel delivered to them for over a month that this may happen.

Naturally, it is to be expected that Fox"News" would give airtime to someone like Andrew Card to continue the validation process of a man that prefered to just sit there than act.

1 comment:

Steven said...

What a stupid argument that "the President did the right thing" by staying in the classroom. This notion that he was preventing these kids from succumbing to fear is the most retarded explanation imaginable. It makes no fucking sense whatsoever. There is no rational argument for why, after being told the words "America is under attack," the President would continue his classroom discussion with a bunch of kids.

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