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Friday, September 11, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- Rather than sit at home watching the endless loops of the planes hitting the WTC towers, why don't you engage your community by volunteering.

- So, John Stossel goes to Fox. Like we are shocked. Perhaps they thought that Geraldo's mustache needed an opening act.

- Congressman Wilson is getting some interesting covering fire from Fox"News" ( again, I know you're shocked ) but also by Pat Buchanan over at MSNBC. This morning, he claimed that Wilson has been donated more money than his opponent since the airing of his "I'm Sorry, Now Give Me Cash" commercial.

- What is the 9/12 Project about anyway? It's been touted as another in the long line of pointless "tea parties", so what does that have to do with the day after 9/11?

- If conservatives are so up in arms over Obama's "Czars", then why aren't they decrying O'Reilly's very public statements that the Bush administration should have had more "czars"?

1 comment:

themom said...

Pat Buchanan is an ass. So far Wilson's opponent is nearing the $1 million mark, while Wilson passed $200K. Big whoop. You pose some interesting questions also. I won't miss John Stossel at all. Have a great weekend.

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