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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- You mean she actually DOES have a book coming out? Yep, Sarah Palin's book is called Going Rogue and clocks in at a whoping 400 pages. Yeah, 400. And talk about fast. Seriously, unless this woman was writing this instead of doing her duties as governor, then that might explain why she decided to quit. But I'm not buying that she wrote this all by herself. It's difficult to write even a modest book at around 250 pages, but the size of Palin's book makes the average piece of conservative drivel look like a pamplet. I'll bet there's plenty of "winking" pics in it though.

- She just isn't even trying anymore. Michelle Malkin has pretty much dove headfirst into the shallow end of the pool once she realized that Republicans were getting their collective asses spanked in the last election. Now, she's all twitching with rage that Barack Obama is going to try to bring The Olympics to America. That's massive amounts of revenue for the city of Chicago, should they get the event. Oh, Michelle, why do you hate America so much? And speaking of The Olympics, I wonder what her toughts are on Mitt Romney, as he claims to have "ran" the Winter Olympics the year they were in Salt Lake City.

- Conservatives are a strange lot. They whine, cringe, and shriek that they want to hear from Democrats on their positions, but once those Democrats do - whether it be in any media form - the conservatives think the Democrats aren't doing their jobs; that they're campaigning. Such is true with Obama. For months, conservatives have shouted that they want Obama to articulate this position, to explain what he wants, to speak directly to the American people. Well now that he has, conservatives just want him to stop. You see, you can't please these people. That's why Obama hasn't spoken directly to them. It's a waste of time.

- It's not suprising in the least that threats against the President have risen by approximately 400%. After all, with people like Glenn Beck, Michelle Bachman, Limbaugh, Hannity, and others within the fringe of the conservative movement stoking the fires of ignorance - and yes, racism - it won't be long until someone tries something remarkably stupid. It's even spreading to Facebook. I'm sure that the Secret Service will have their hands quite full for the next 3 years or more.

- The continuing meme that "Obama is Hitler" is becoming a standard issue talking-point for conservatives all across America. Whether spoken outright or inferred through the inane babblings of talk-show hosts and television personalities, it's still as pointless as ever, but is a shining truth for some. The message really works well at conservative conferences in conjunction with hints that armed revolution is necessary.

- Those "conservative/moderate" Democrats known affectionately as "Blue Dogs" seems to be coming to their senses more. It appears that at least 24 of them support a "public option" in healthcare reform. But all that aside, this isn't about what members of Congress and the Senate want, this is about what Americans want. A plurality of people in this country want affordable healthcare with the public option. And it's interesting to hear what some conservatives say about what the American people want. It's been told to me that most people haven't the slightest clue what is good for them. And to think people actually ascribe to such nonsensical thought.

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