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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- If reporters, news anchors, and radio show hosts know ( not think ) that someone killed another person, why on earth do they say “allegedly”?

- Considering the very real fact that conservatives are always acting as if they are in the minority when it comes to media, wouldn’t it make sense for them to welcome The Fairness Doctrine?

- And speaking of conservative media, since Fox”News” enjoys such high ratings, why do they continue to talk down about the “mainstream” media? After all, when more people gravitate towards a certain person, place, or thing, that is what makes it mainstream.

- If it costs more to make a penny than what it is worth, why are they still being made?

- Has there ever been a scientific experiment to see if God does exist?

- If Christians are supposed to be compassionate and emulate the life of Jesus, why is it that so many are racists, some even advocating the death of Obama?

- Why is it that conservatives love the batshit loony Michelle Bachman, but they have SERIOUS issues with the wit and intellect of Al Franken?

- If people are so willing to have their state secede from the Union, then why don’t they? Perhaps they don’t realize how tremendously ignorant they are.

- Meghan McCain would likely be taken more seriously if she weren’t John McCain’s daughter.

1 comment:

themom said...

You pose some very interesting questions there. If I had all the answers I would be Queen of the United States - just to piss Michelle Bachmann off! :)

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