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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Afternoon Blogroll

- Remember what happened immediately after the inauguration when conservatives were up in arms over the trash? Guess what these "patriots" did with their signs and American flags after yesterday's "massive demonstration"? This Daily Kos Diary clearly illustrates the pride these people have in their message.

- In which Nate Silver examines the connections between conservative rallies and the lies, misinformation, and the people that perpetuate them.

- For those of you longing for the days of G.I. Joe when the series actually meant something, you all should check out Samurai Frog's continuing "Yo Joe!" series. It certainly is more entertaining than that hyper-effects-laden piece of clap-trap that was in theatres this summers.

- Tenebrouskate over at The Tenebrous Empire outlines the rage and suspicion that comes from the horror-set when it comes to remakes of classics and why it just might be a little displaced at time.

- Manifesto Joe @ They Gave Us A Republic examines the very real reality of the average "journalists" are too often ignorant to political and economic issues

1 comment:

themom said...

I checked out the pics at Daily are right. Apparently no one had a problem with the socialist system of garbage collectors - cleaning up their mess.

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