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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Having completely ripped president Carter's comments from their original and clearly understandable context, the conservative Right is doing any and everything it can to deny that there is a racist foundation within a great percentage of discussions of Barack Obama. Why are these people even attempting to protect racist hate speech?

- Apparently, Glenn Beck thinks that if you call out someone's racist hate speech then you are no better than an Al Queda member who uses children as suicide bombers.

- What does it say about David "Man Diapers" Vitter when he comes out against ACORN's alleged assistance in setting up a brothel?

- It seems like conservatives are ready to start back up with their distortions regarding Cap and Trade legislation. They're still trying to use the completely debunked meme that it's going to cost families over $1700 dollars a year. MIT economists have already proven this isn't true

- When are Fox"News" and all those that love them going to realize that high ratings do NOT equal accurate reporting?

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