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Thursday, September 17, 2009

O'Reilly Pretty Much Nails It

......sort of.

This is probably the only time that I'm going to partially agre with a premise that he sets forward. But check out this clip and you'll see where he gets it wrong.

Yes, Fox"News" and conservative talk-radio enjoy an enormous audience. And yes, the establishment media does cover their non-sense more than focusing on the actual subject at hand. But, where O'Reilly jumps completely off the rails is in his primary thesis.

Conservative media, no matter what form, can't seem to seperate the reality that just because you draw a massive audience that that DOES NOT mean your reportin is honest or based on fact. We are a consumerist culture and we crave entertainment. And, if that entertainment happens to be watching Glenn Beck completely losing the ability to discern fantasy from reality every evening on live TV, then so be it. The same goes for O'Reilly's program. It's info-porn. And considering The Factor's penchant for blondes and videos of women "behaving badly", that's not exactly an inappropriate title.

The trap we get into is this - if you ignore what Fox"News" and conservative talk-radio, then you validate their actions. But the flip side isn't much better. If you confront them, if you fight back, then they pull out their "the mainstream media is afraid of us so they smear us" meme. It's a win/win for them, because they don't care about the facts, they care about the ratings.

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