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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- While some on the fringe Right are attempting to spin Sarah Palin's recent trip to Hong Kong to give a "speech" into conservative gold, it needs to be pointed-out that this trip was profitable to no one besides Palin. Her message, if one could even say that there was one, was simply a rehash of all the tired coloquialism and home-spun "aw shucks" nonsense that served her so well on the campaign trail last year. The only thing that needs to be said to Palin now is this.

- I have been wondering how long it was going to take some idiotic conservative prattle-head to accuse Obama of "endangering the troops" if he pushed forward with healthcare reform. Jim DeMint has further proven that his ability to be a stage prop for the far-right will not only get him airtime, but that he is willing to use the American military as a weapon for his own devices.

- I'm afraid that Chuck Morris has suffered too many blows to the head and fallen victim to the all too familiar "life after fame" aspect of being a type-cast actor. Ever since his conservative bent has been revealed, Norris has said and done some pretty ignorant things. But this one is pretty much tops.

- Why is it that conservatives, like Eric Cantor, lack the ability to even comprehend that people die from lack of or improper healthcare? Is this simply too much to ask from them?

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