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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Down The Memory Hole

While both political parties are prone to moments of hypocrisy, no one on this planet does the dance better, faster, harder, and stronger than Fox"News". And their current golden-boy ( who has effectively marginalized Bill O'Reilly ) takes this to a whole new level.

Beck's smarmy, frat-boy-eque delivery is truly something to marvel. His complete and utter elevated sense of self has already started to destroy his reputation. While he may be able to transfix a particular subset of the American public into plopping their asses on their couches at home, he's advertising poison.

But back to the hypocrisy thing. Beck's unmitigated idiocy has either caused him to purge the previous 4 years from that burn-out hull he calls a brain or he is working this schtick for all it's worth. He's a caricature of the conservative movement more than anyone I have ever seen on television.

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