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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Levin's Becklash

This audio clip from Mark Levin's program shows that some conservatives aren't exactly too keen on Glenn Beck getting all the spotlight. Either that, or they haven't caught onto the fact that the right-wing's new "working girl" is better at their schtick than they are.

The falsetto blatherings of the alleged "Great One" are indicative of the conservative mantra, but hardly hit the mark like Beck - shout out your poorly scripted memes louder than the rest and then you'll hit the bigtime. But, while insisting that jealously is the primary motivator of Levin's screed, the listener does get a sense of bewilderment from what is being said. This could be, by and large, the initial signifier that the far-right will begin to eat their own should Beck become the defacto "messiah" of their movement. Levin is obviously troubled that Beck's style is, far and above, crazier and more conspiratorial than his own.

But here's one point that Beck may not realize. Mark Levin has a HUGE backer at Fox"News" - Sean Hannity is a BIG TIME fan of Mark Levin. This could get very interesting if the infighting spreads to Fox prime-time. Talk about a ratings booster. And, as we all know, that's all that Fox"News" cares about.

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