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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Never Said Anything About Race?

While Dick Morris made the laughable and easily debunked statement that there has never been a criticism against Obama - by conservatives - predicated on race, he must have forgotten the man that essentially sets the message for the conservative movement.

While there is a heavy doseage of snark mixed in with Limbaugh's racially charged rant, it should be pointed out that this is exactly what president Carter was talking about when he spoke of racism that boils within certain cross-sections of the American public.

And while the likes of Drudge and Malkin* are willing to do as much as they can to gin up racial animosity in this country, the message is often set by the likes of Rush Limbaugh.

So, for someone like Dick Morris to state as fact that conservatives have not used racially motivated speech to express their displeasure with Obama is patently and utter false. I feel like a need a Congressman Joe Wilson soundbite for this.


* While Malkin initially, in all her reactionary fury, dove headlong into her writing up the story from the "white victim" perspective, she has apparently realized that the police do not see this as motivated by race. However, her response to that was that it must have been due to what happens when people allege a racial component to an incident. In other words, she still thinks the same way.

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