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Monday, September 28, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- I'll give the GOP one thing - they certainly know how to tap into a fear and squeeze it for all it's worth. One of the more widely spread, yet sorely underreported, memes of the right-wing machine is that if you own a gun - or would like to purchase one - the Obama administration is going to take away your right to both own AND purchase. So, what does Republican Dean Allen from South Caroloina do at a recent rally? He auctions off an AK-47. It seems that Allen is hoping that since South Carolina has the eyes of the world upon it ( thanks to Mark Sanford and Congressman Wilson ) that he would cash-in on as much political capital as he could afford. So, did the winner have to register the firearm? Was there a background check done?

- As Bill O'Reilly feels the pressure coming at him from Fox's early prime-time hour ( you know he can hear Glenn Beck's footsteps down the hall every day ) it's interesting to see him try to tackle topics with which he is sorely unprepared to handle. When it come to racial animus, O'Reilly decided that he would try and go after Florida A&M University law professor Dr. Jeremy Levitt.

- Despite the reality surrounding the death of Kentuckian and US Census worker William Sparkman, the conservative fringe continue to try and shroud the very real aspects of his murder. They claim that even reporting that what was attached to his body and written on his chest obviously smacks of politically driven hatred is the same as "dancing on his grave". It's situations like this where we see that the fringe conservative will attempt to deny and or defend their own hate-filled rhetoric, even at the expense of potential repeat murders.

- It's not something that hasn't been done before. After all, conservatives love tricks that have worked in the past. But there is something to be said about Ann Coulter's recent assertion that it's not conservatives that are making posters that equate Obama with Hitler, it's actually liberals. This runs completely in line with the conspiratorial nature of the modern conservative movement. It's their version of "trutherism". Conservatives aren't destroying this country, it's a "black flag" operation planned by and carried out by liberals.

- Fox"News" seems to have diefied the pollster Scott Rassmussen this year. But, as perculiar and often slanted ( to the Right, of course ) as his polling practices are, it appears that there are other polls that are just blatantly stupid.

1 comment:

themom said...

I am always amazed at the followewrs Man Coulter has. Everytime she opens her mouth - garbage just spews forth. This latest comment about the "liberals" starting the Hitler Obama posters was quite over the top. She is due for another pie in the face!!!

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