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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Micheal Bay Fucks Up Another Story? b/w The Latest Conservative Meme

After the ham-fisted rehashing of a classic children icon that was the two Transformers films, what could Micheal Bay possibly do to further molest memories of my childhood.

Oh no he's not..........

Sure, he's just the producer, but as long as Bay is within even 1000 yards of a film production, he's going to screw it up somehow.

I'm all for the reimagining of classic films, but there are certain things you just don't touch. Sure, the Elm Street film franchise spiraled into abject silliness in it's later years, but the original is a horror classic. I wonder what Wes Craven and Johnny Depp have to say about this new version.

But if you're thinking that this post is all about Freddy Kruger, you're wrong.

It seems that some conservatives are more than willing to contort the story of Freddy Kruger to mean that the entirity of Hollywood has created an apologist piece for Roman Polanski. No, I'm serious.


darkblack said...

'I'm all for the reimagining of classic films...'

I'm not, FWIW...But to each their own.
Since marketing strategies have replaced original ideas as the coin with which Hollywood operates, every formerly imagined property (whether crap or genius) is up for grabs as a remake, sequel, prequel or frequel - and I find myself having to search farther into the past to discover a spark of originality that creates a blaze of wonder.

As for those on the Right with their preconceived and cherished assclownery - seeing (rather than a loose affiliation of sheltered company town denizens purblindedly protecting one of their own) a vast gaggle of socialist swine who, when not running their political indoctrination/early molestation centers, deal opiates to kindergardeners, practice muslim-style tantric same-sex marriage and generally put sticks in the spokes of the Great Wheel of Capitalism - It's to be expected.

Such a great, productive movement as conservatism cannot be easily wiped out overnight.


aironlater said...

I will concede that Hollywood greatly favors the marketing aspect of filmmaking rather than trying to tell a compelling story. A great example of this is the continuing SAW series. However, there have been remakes that are quite good. My point was that if you are going to approach a classic film with the intention of remaking it, just don't screw it up.

But I did know that there are some films you just don't touch.

darkblack said...

Indeed, its a subjective sentiment and your point is well taken - much of the potential artistic (as opposed to financial) success of a remake is in the hands of the auteur...factors such as fidelity to the original story, sympathetic casting, comparative lighting and contrast and so on.

My rigidity on the topic stems from seeing too many remakes used strictly as business opportunities - capitalization on A-list assets and audience familiarity resulting in ease of merchandising.

Of course, profit is a viable motive but if it is the only motive used the effort becomes rather transparent among those who cherish the medium.

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