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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Waiting For The Retraction

On Friday, it was revealed that the Kentucky coroner examining the body of murdered US Census worker William Sparkman did have the word "fed" written on is chest. But, that's not all that was done to him.

Michelle Malkin, and various conservatives, have taken to this story with smarmy, childishness and attempted to shift the discussion towards liberals and progressives attacking conservatives.

I killed the Kentucky Census worker — along with every man and woman in America who is guilty of having said or written anything critical of government.

The criminalization of conservatism continues.

The complete lack of professionalism that Malkin cloaks herself in whenever it is revealed that fringe-conservative rhetoric has lead to the death of someone is no longer suprising. And as I watched Racheal Maddow on Friday, the first question that sprang to my mind was "when will Malkin own up to the facts in this story?". As of this time of this writing, her original post remains the same.

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