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Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Day

- Is the fringe of the conservative movement now controlling the debate on virtually everything? From ACORN, to healthcare, to race relations, and their continuing struggle to know the difference between ratings-boosting "info-porn" to actual news reporting, the fringe conservatives in this country are having their voices validated on a daily basis.

- The rank hypocrisy of the recently marginalized Bill O'Reilly still continues to amaze some. And, as much as I - and many others - can see through his daily charade, it was still rather interesting to see him anounce his support for a "public option" in healthcare reform. And while some might say he is "seeing the light", it's a rather thinly veiled attempted at garnering ratings and perhaps tricking some more right-leaning Democrats to come on his show. Who knows. Regardless, if he wants to keep up with Beck, he's going to have to have another "Inside Edition" moment.

- Apparently, many insurance companies think that if you have a "c-section" birth, then that places you in the catagory of "pre-existing condition". Nice to see that insurance companies are now considering our children a liability against their bottom line.

- While POLITICO has recently run a story suggesting that Rush Limbaugh should be afraid of Glenn Beck, they are really missing the point on this one. While O'Reilly likely does - as I have stated before - it's hard to fathom the fleshy, cholesterol laden facade of Rush Limbaugh is afraid of anyone. The reason being is simple, Rush has enjoyed power and privaledge that no one within the conservative movement, save The Gipper, ever has or ever will. He is at the point where he can do and say anything he wants without repercussion. Beck, on the other hand, is just like that new girl in school with the big tits and fancy car that all the other girls are jealous of. Pretty soon her gimmick gets old and she really loses her street-cred when she's caught blowing the vice-principal in the teachers lounge. Which begs the question, who is Beck going to get caught with?

- In all the discussion that is going on about the Obama administrations choice to remove the "missle sheild" from the Czech Rep. and Poland, a lot of people seem to be missing the point that there are far more technological approaches and ones that allow for mobility and better accuracy. Of course, it sensationalizes the story to make it look like Obama is essentially handing Poland over to Russia.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

who is Beck going to get caught with?

someone of the male persuasion, preferably on the right side - and in a fantastic change of heart glenn comes over to the "dark side" and starts marching in parades and speaks out against homophobia...

i have often thought (wished?) the same thing for malkin, to come upon a grainy video of her and van jones...upon being "caught" she signs up with acorn and is a vocal leader for civil rights...

a girl can dream...

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