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Monday, September 21, 2009

The Far Right's Favorite Prostitute ( For Now )

By strict definition, a prostitute is one that provides services in favor for money.

By that definition, Glenn Beck isn't just a prostitute, he's a full blown whore. Why, you ask? Seems that it wasn't just his stance on healthcare that changed from transition in employment at HLN to Fox"News". He was singing a whole other tune when it came to the bailouts last year, prior to Obama being elected.

But, before Obama was elected POTUS and when Glenn Beck was on CNN, he was singing a very different tune. One could say that Glenn Beck was for the bailouts before he was against them. Not only was he for the bailout, but he argued that it wasn’t big enough!

On September 22, 2008, speaking about the bailouts Glenn Beck said:

The “REAL STORY” is the $700 billion that you`re hearing about now is not only, I believe, necessary, it is also not nearly enough, and all of the weasels in Washington know it.

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Transcript of Beck can be found here.

Considering the near rage with which Beck approaches his subject matter, one has to now question his passion toward everything else he discusses. Was the 9/12 project just another example of this? After all, he didn't even bother to show up, he was sitting in the studio phoning-it-in. What about all this revisionist history that he has been putting forth while giving this implied handjob to Jonah Goldberg? Is this all an act, kind of like how Sean Hannity has been alleged to be acting it all out for ratings?

Taking into account that Beck is enjoying MUCH more fame now that he is at Fox"News", and likely another zero or two to the left of the decimal point in his bank account, it's almost certain that he will do and say whatever is expected of him. This isn't just hypocrisy, it's profitable hypocrisy - and it takes a special type of person with no sense of purpose or self to take on this position.


Clifford said...

Yeah, hypocrisy thy name is Beck. That being said, much as I hate to placate somebody like Beck, people are allowed to change their minds. Of course, that presupposes that there is at minimum some mind-like thing present.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but it is interesting that Beck's change of mind happens to coincide with a change of parties occupying the White House. You'd almost think it wasn't a coincidence.


aironlater said...

Beck is going to say what is going to get him ratings, period, case closed. And Fox"News" is the perfect venue for that. It doesn't matter who is in the White House, it's all about entertainment for the "disenfranchised".

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