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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seems That Michelle Bachman Got What She Wanted

The story of a Kentucky man, William E. Sparkman Jr., a census worker was found murdered this past week is quite troubling for me for multiple reasons. However, the context of his murder brings about very troubling questions, chief of which is how right-wing fear-mongering contributed to this senseless death.

The FBI is investigating the hanging death of a U.S. Census worker near a Kentucky cemetery, and a law enforcement official told The Associated Press the word 'fed" was scrawled on the dead man's chest.
The body of Bill Sparkman, a 51-year-old part-time Census field worker and occasional teacher, was found Sept. 12 in a remote patch of the Daniel Boone National Forest in rural southeast Kentucky. The Census has suspended door-to-door interviews in rural Clay County, where the body was found, pending the outcome of the investigation.

As a lifelong resident of Kentucky, I am not suprised at all by this turn of events. After the continuous and ill-conceived blatherings of the lunatic fringe began to dominate most political conversations that I heard and often found myself participating in ( as a voice that I had hoped would bring reason ) I started to tell myself that someone is going to die because of this. And I can say without equivocaiton that I am ashamed to call myself a Kentuckian. There are maybe two cities in this poor-excuse of a state that have even a shread of dignity left in them and I am some 3 hours away from them.

It will be interesting to see how this story is spun. I'll be following this until the murderer has been captured.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If this was an act of right-wing terrorism, then you a**holes can forget about talking to me ever again, online or offline. I'll be stockpiling and preparing for the inevitable civil war with you freaks. See you on the battlefield where we'll kill each other, still be at each other's throats in the afterlife, and probably calm down after 500 or so years. By then the U.S. won't exist anymore, and we'll probably be reincarnated as schoolyard friends who rediscover that we were in violent warfare with each other in this life through a series of mystical adventures.

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