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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just The Facts

People are always telling me that they don't understand Obama's plan for healthcare reform. Here's a little something that might help them out.

In light of all the lies, distortions, and misinformation that have been spread about health care reform in general and the House health care reform bill (H.R. 3200) in particular, Health Care for America Now (HCAN) – the nation's largest health care campaign – has created the following chart to show how the health care system would really work under America's Affordable Health Choices Act.

You can download the chart from the link above.

Considering that we are a very visual culture, it's much easier to understand language that is presented in a form that we may not be familiar with when it is transfered to visual form.

This is something that you should not only check out, but pass along to any and everyone you know that has questions.


Steven said...

I love how your post is titled "just the facts" when the link you have provided leaves out an alarming amount of facts in the HR bills that have been written. The advantage the government will have over private insurance is undeniable. "Just the facts" is incredibly misleading as is the propaganda in the link you provided.

This particular HR bill, which is not even close to what Lord Obama wants and will get passed, has a goal of creating a health care exchange (which is absolutely necessary for reform). I can think of a way to create a health care exchange market without a public option and without a 1000 page bill full of goodies for major drug corporations: remove the laws that ensure localized monopolies on health care insurance. If all health insurance providers were allowed to compete nationally competition would increase drastically, reducing cost and waste without surrendering even more freedom to Washington bureaucrats.

What makes you think that the propaganda that you blindly follow is any better than the propaganda that the other side blindly follows? Your political ideals are as useless as those of the other side. You sit here and downplay the propaganda presented by news sources like Fox News and Malkin (and for good reason), but then like the people on the other side you blindly follow the propaganda of your choosing, never questioning motive. Tell me exactly why your shit don't stank?

aironlater said...

The only problem with you perspective on this is that it is predicated on two things. 1) you assume that I am completely please with the current state of proposed legislation. 2) you assume that I "blindly" follow what you reflexively term "propoganda".

There are several aspects of this particular HR Bill that I think need to be tweaked or removed completely. However, falling prey to the argument that the "Free Market" can handle the healthcare crisis by offering competition is simply laughable. We aren't shopping for a loaf of bread and some shampoo, we're talking about medical procedures and testing. Also, simply allowing companies to offer coverage across state lines doens't address the quality of coverage that people will have to "chose" from. Furthermore, the devices of the "Free Market" system would force people into medical-tourism, if only they can afford it.

And in reference to your predictably trite agruement of following propoganda, that term is rather subjective. You call it propaganda rather than taking what it is at face value, perhaps even looking into it a little deeper instead of tossing out some pre-arranged talking points that you memorized some weeks ago.

Steven said...

Thanks for responding.

You say that I'm using predetermined talking points memorized weeks ago when you provided as your "evidence" that Blue HC reform is a good thing a 3 sheet PDF document that you think summarizes all the information in several 1000 page bills. To me that is the very definition of blindly following propaganda, taking things at "face value" and not "looking into it a little deeper."

You don't know anything about my political ideals or beliefs, but you make the assumption that I'm "tossing out some pre-arranged talking points that you memorized some weeks ago." Where do you get your evidence of this and from where did I get my "talking points?" I've been reading your blog for some time and I've never seen you write or say anything that is anything but the spewing of political talking points (and some bizarre, but interesting music). I simply don't understand your response in that aspect.

I was excited when Obama became President because I thought, like JFK, he was a "real" person and a person who was actually going to be for the people. IMO the Obama myth is most clearly exposed by the HC reform issue and the war issue.

Things that I think are wrong with the system based on my personal experience: we spend less time with doctors and receive way too many prescriptions. What is the first thing Obama did when HC reform debate got hot? He met with prescription drug giants in private and sold out the American middle class by limiting the amount of generic drugs that the government could legally import (the exact same thing a republican would do if the people called for "reform").

I wanted the war on "terror" (what a stupid concept)to be over. Obama "changed" the wording of the war, but the DOD budget increased by 9% and we sent 20,000 more troops overseas.

What "changes" did you think you were going to get (honestly, not a sarcastic question, unless you're completely indoctrinated you have to be somewhat upset by the lack of change)?

I think your constant bashing of Fox News and Malkin (which I thoroughly enjoy and agree with) are simply the means of taking out the frustration you have for the lack of "change" that Obama has brought the table.

Now, you have made the assumption that I agree with Malkin or Fox News, but I hate both of these sources (as I do almost all of the liberally biased sources you provide). Have I established myself as a thinker or will you assume I get my ideas from aliens (much like your source of music?).

I look forward to your response

aironlater said...

I can certianly agree that I may not know of your precise political ideology, but being completely dismissive of the chart and information that I referenced by refering to it as propoganda does tend to reveal someone of your mindset.

Naturally, this is to be expected, from both the left and right.

That being said, at no point during any post that I have made have I hid the fact that I hold very progressive ideals. Nor have I clutched tightly to a set of White House approved talking points.

I have stated my case against several aspects of this administration, primarily their bizarre desire to have "across the aisle" agrements on everything. Obama's dreams of bipartisanship are not what I voted for, at all.

In terms of Afganistan, I feel that that issue should have been taken care of in 2002. But, considering the previous adminstration thought it would be a good idea to take on Iraq for some reason, Afganistan was all but forgotten.

But this discussion shouldn't devolve into a "I know you are but what am I" schoolyard taunting match. It is not my place to change your mind, but to have a discussion with whomever chooses to read my blog.

What puzzles me about your latest response, when did I say that you and Malkin and Fox"News" were one in the same? Sorry, that didn't happen.

But, more to the point is this. My writings, no matter what you think of them, are focused on the subjects that they revolve around. If I feel any frustrations toward the Obama administration or anything they do, I will write about it. I'm not going to lambast some unaffiliated party. So, your assumption as to the true intentions of my pieces are exceedingly false.

And you have to realize that we are only 9 months in to a 4 year presidency. You can't expect change to happen with the blink of an eye. That's preposterous.

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