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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Why are Democrats sacrificing a Public Option in healthcare reform in favor of bipartisanship when they should realize they aren't going to get either? This needs to be done with a straight up majority vote. That's how things get done.

- If all these politicians, who work in and for governemnt, are so concerned about the size of government, why don't they quite and become private sector activists? Is the healthcare coverage that good?

- This morning on Fox and Friends, Glenn Beck furthered the false claim that their were over 1 million at the 9/12 tea-baggery party. How can people believe this clown anymore?

- Did you know that a plurality of doctors, including the AMA, are in favor of a public option in healthcare reform?

- One has to wonder why the media are barred from Sarah Palin's planned speech in Hong Kong. She's such an attention whore, that you have to question the motive. If reports are true, and this really is some bizarre joke, then do you think Palin is starting to get a little queasy?

- Conservatives are now pushing the meme that 50% of Americans are part of the "tea-party" movement. I'm wondering if this number has been rigged by yet another faulty Rassmussen poll.

- In watching the VMA's recently, I have to continue to ask myself what happened to musicianship and why has it been trumped by "the gimmick". Pink doing a high wire act while singing a song has nothing on a band like Zeppelin performing live.

- Even though Glenn Beck likes to parrot the "50% of America" meme, the one 50% figure he should worry about is his lost advertising revenue.


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