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Friday, September 4, 2009

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Who really is winning the message war on healthcare? After all, it should be pointed out that the message and the facts aren't always one in the same. When looking at it from this angle, it would appear that conservatives are winning the "fear" game, as their idiotic prattlings are being consistantly validated by the media coverage they get.

- When are the anti-healthcare set going to be held accountable for mocking the sick? After all, Micheal Steele did it without the slightest bit of remorse recently when mocking a woman who's mother had recently died from cancer.

- Why are conservatives so enamoured with instant gratification? They oppose the recovery package because they claim not enought is happening at a fast pase. But then again, what about Cash For Clunkers? That program worked too fast for them. Their main issue seemed to be that car dealers weren't paid in a timely fashion. I mean, nevermind that new cars were purchased and car makers added workforce to compensate.

- It's apparently alright now for conservative commentators to oppose the ongoing conflict in Afganistan and the slight hold that America still has in Iraq. What was that clever little talking point they used to use? Oh, yes, advocating defeat / cut-and-run / waving the white flag of surrender. My, how times have changed

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