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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Run, Baby, Run

And I say go for it.

One of two things will happen if Sarah Palin decides to run.

1 - She will get the party nomination ( after what will likely be a VERY interesting primary season ) and she will lose the election by a massive margin because people will get to the polls and realize what they are about to do.

2 - She will get the party nomination and will win simply because conservatives can't be seen as wrong, even at the cost of their own safety. But what then?

Granted, the second option is one that is likely not to happen, but what if? While the "what if" style of socio-politcial discourse is used more often by the conservatives in this country ( as they favor fantasy over reality ) I will have to delve into that line of thinking for a moment.

While one can but speculate on what will happen on the domestic front, it's quite easy to see that Palin would cater to the "hawks" in DC. By that, I mean we would likely have "boots on the ground" in some country ( likely Iran ) within months of her taking the Oath Of Office. Also, there is the very high probability that we would lose all credibility across the globe and any relations that Obama had nurtured and mended would fall apart in a literal instant.

Safe to say that foreign policy would nose-dive, period, and war would be spread across the Middle East like a brush-fire. But am I wrong? Would Palin live up to her rhetoric, to the Tea Baggers expectations? Or, would she pull a Scott Brown and begin to morph into a more typical Republican and not the cougarish fire-brand she is pretending to be now.

Would there be another Sept. 11th style attack? It's much too easy to speculate on the negatives, which is why I never like doing these types of "what if" posts. In the end, Palin will never be President. As much as the Tea Baggers have deified her, she would never have a chance of winning. I was being far too generous by even stating she could win her parties nomination.

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