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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Palm Primer

I'll be brief on this, as the shear ridiculousness of this issue is beyond the pale.

Why would Palin have to write anything on her palm? Firstly, these are things she says ALL THE TIME, so it's not like she's without practice. Secondly, these were used as crib-notes for a pre-screened Q&A. She was in more than friendly territory, so why the need to "cheat"?

It's been postulated that Palin did this on purpose, knowing that she would be caught, in order to somehow "punk" the American media at large and draw even more attention to herself and create further buzz around Fox"News". To that, I would say this - she isn't nearly clever enough to pull off a media stunt like that, though it does lend itself to be a marginally effective dodge of the real issue at hand ( pardon the pun ).

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