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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Behavioral Theology

I'll let Petere Sprigg speak for himself before I bring up a point that he really should consider, seeing as how he is so uber-religious.

One of the great religious talking-points, when it comes to abortion that is, is that "God knows you before you are in your mother's womb". Also, "God has a plan for all of us", is something that religious leaders use as a way to insist that our lives are pre-ordained and that God already has our lives mapped out for us in advance.

The preposterous nature of that aside, let's look at this from Sprigg's statement and then apply that to what his God has created.

Sprigg thinks all homosexual behavior should be outlawed. Therefor, every gay and lesbian person in America would be treated as a common criminal. Since God "created everyone in his own image" and that he "knows" and has a "plan" for us, it stands to reason that God knows who will and who won't be born gay or lesbian.

So here's my question to Sprigg - who are you to doubt God's plan and punish his creations for how God intended them to be?

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