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Monday, February 1, 2010

They Create Them Gods At Every Turn

Conservative icons are quite alarmingly odd. Sarah Palin has been lauded from day one as a Presidential contender by the conservative movement and Joe "The Plumbing Enthusiast" Wurzelbacher was seen as a reliable political consultant. I wonder who's next? Mike Bianchi knows.

Two games into Tim Tebow's tenure as a starting quarterback in college, I predicted he would win Heisman Trophies plus national championships and go down as one of the greatest college football players ever.

Now that his college career is officially over following his performance in Saturday's Senior Bowl, it's time to make another bold prediction:

Tim Tebow will be the President of the United States someday.

Go ahead and laugh if you want. They used to laugh, too, at the notion that another charismatic, conservative former college football player could become president. You might have heard of him.

His name was Ronald Reagan.

One could almost see this coming a mile away, as Tebow is slowly becoming the new conservative icon that will be deified - at least until the Super Bowl ends - and then will fade into obscurity like so many before him.

But it's almost like Bianchi jumped the shark with this one - linking him directly to the conservative Jesus, Reagan. But is this too much stock to put into Tebow? By any sane standards, of course it is.

Conservatives have to surround themselves with a colorful cast of characters because of their lack of substance. They're like carnival barkers trying to sell you a ticket to the freakshow in the tent behind them - and once you see what's inside you realize it's all a scam but it's too late to do anything about it since you've already given over your money.

Tebow's days as the latest conservative icon are already numbered, and Bianchi proves a title from a previous post - the crazy nob does go to eleven.

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