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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

That Was It?

I almost feel duped.

And I'm not the only one:

Did you see the Tim Tebow ad that actually aired during the Super Bowl yesterday? The only one I saw was much different than what CBS told us was going to air during the game and which drew a ton of controversy all across the blogosphere and throughout the pro-choice movement. What I saw was not controversial and didn't even talk about the abortion issues that were supposed to be aired.

I didn't see any rough cuts of any other ads that were slated to appear, but this is apparently not the last one to feature Tebow, and conservatives are crowing at the fact that Focus On The Family likely pulled a fast one on the entire country with this ad campaign.

The innocuous nature of the Tebow ad aside, as well as the reactionary statements of both the Left and Right, I'd just like to make this statement: I thought that the Super Bowl was intended to be a "family friendly" event. By that, I mean this - a nipple slip from Janet Jackson is something so shocking that it sends the entire planet into a tailspin, but an advocacy ad from the extremist group Focus On The Family is acceptable?

Certainly the presentation is all fluff and sentimentality, but one has but to look at the legacy of James Dobson and you realize that this is not a message that is conducive of "compassion" and "love"

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