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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Modern "Music" And The Reality Of Lowered Expectations

"Entertainment" in America has morphed into something completely and utterly soul-sucking. And I mean that in the most malevolent of ways.

What ever happened to people playing their own instruments? Now it's all lip synching. Hell, people don't even play instruments anymore. And when they do, they are overlooked for the group of 4 guys that just landed the new show on the Disney Channel and THEY end up being the "band" - even though they're just a 21st century tween NSync.

With all this talk about the Grammy's, I'm actually glad I didn't watch it. Because if I had, I would surely be telling myself "This is exactly why I stopped watching this fucking show".

It's all smoke and mirrors used to cover up for a complete lack of anything remotely resembling talent. Sure, it's a fair assumption to think that these people have to ability to sing, but with modern technology, ANYONE sounds good. But what is "good" anymore?

The bottom line is that every generation will scorn the next one's music of choice. But with the ever increasing lowering of the talent-bar, can you blame anyone for dismissing the "next big artist" as just another gimmick?

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