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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Just A Little Prank, Nothing To See Here

Andrew Breitbart fancies himself a rare creature - someone that takes on "The Machine". In reality he is more than willing to bend the laws of America ( and reality ) in order to prove a point. He's not rare, as the bulk of conservatives think and act in this fashion.

During the National Tea Bagger Convention in Nashville last weekend, Breitbart was seen talking with someone about James O'Keefe's run-in with Federal authorities while attempting to tamper with the phones in Senator Mary Landreau's office.

Yeah, nothing wrong with infiltrating a Senator's office under false pretense with intent to tamper with the phone systems. It was just a little prank.

Let's see a group of Muslim-American activists pull this stunt and see what happens. Breitbart would be screaming that it was an act of terrorism.

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