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Friday, February 12, 2010

Gays Would Allow A Terrorist Victory

That essentially the argument that Missouri State Representative Gary Nodler offered while debating the repeal of DADT.

Nodler at one point suggested that being openly gay in the military "in and of itself" could be grounds for a sexual harassment complaint by another serviceman, and characterized Don't Ask Don't Tell as a way to accommodate gays' service "in a way that doesn't create a hostile workplace."

He later said allowing gays to serve openly could represent a "cultural affront" to societies in which the U.S. military is active, "so you would create specific geopolitical strategic dilemmas for the U.S. military -- specifically in the war in Afghanistan."

To which Schissel replied, "Your argument holds no water in the fact that we currently have women serving in the military. The Taliban are no great fans of women doing anything other than staying at home."

This isn't that suprising, as Republicans are all to eager to politicize terrorism and the continuing conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. But Nodler's ignorance on the matter shines just as brightly since gays are already serving in the armed forced - a point that echoes Schissel's statements regarding the reality of women currently serving as well.

While Nodler is denying he ever made such a statement, this situation provides further context to John Brennan's claims that the GOP uses the spectre of terrorism as a political weapon.

1 comment:

Darius Whiteplume said...

I really wish this whole thing would go away. When I was in high school I had a friend who had been kicked out of the army for gay "activities" (this is the Reagan era, so no DADT yet).

Guess what? He was a translator! Sound familiar? :-)

They tried getting him back after a dishonorable discharge, because they needed translators. I don't want to stereotype gays as having special linguistic powers, but there certainly seems to be a tad of evidence there. ;-)

He turned them down, obviously.

Last, and I always say this. You think gays can fight? Try taking on a handful of Spartans. They were as gay as Liberace's birthday cake, and were one of history's most militaristic societies.

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