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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What's Wrong With Comedy Central?

Seriously, who's running this network now?

It’s the end of the road for Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program, which has been canceled after 3 seasons despite a Twitter campaign to save it. The show earned Silverman a lead actress Emmy nomination last year. But it also was on the brink of cancellation in 2009 when she and fellow executive producers Dan Sterling and Rob Schrab threatened to quit after the cable network asked them to slash the series’ budget by more than 20%. A last-minute deal with sister network Logo was reached to co-finance the series, so a 10-episode third season was ordered. But midway through Season 3, which wrapped last month, the network bumped the series from 10:30 PM to midnight, hinting at its intention not to continue with Sarah. At the beginning of the year, Comedy Central went through a regime change, with former New Line executive Kent Alterman taking over for Lauren Corrao as head of original programming. Silverman, meanwhile, is keeping busy promoting her bestselling book The Bedwetter and signing on to co-star in the Sarah Polley movie Take This Waltz.

Not only do they seem to play the completely unfunny series of "Blue Collar" stand-up specials on endless loops every Saturday and Sunday, completely get cold feet over possibly upsetting someone and needlessly censoring South Park's religion episode recently, but now they are cancelling Sarah Silverman? What gives?

Hey, HBO execs, I know who your next call should be to. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

1 comment:

marzolian said...

I didn't like Sarah S. for a long time, until I saw her being interviewed as a regular person (not her onscreen personna). That convinced me, she is brilliant. Unfortunately, it doesn't always come through in her shows. I hope she finds a suitable vehicle one day.

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