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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Representation At The Polls

Conservatives love to talk about taxes and how they are oppressed. I'm wondering how long it's going to take this idea to gain traction within the modern conservative movement.

For the past several years, it's been popular amongst the more wealthy within the conservative realm that most people in America don't pay taxes - at all. Unfortunately for them, this simply isn't true. While there are many in American that don't pay as much in taxes as others, anyone that has a job has a verifiable tax liability. From Social Security, Medicare, on down to state and local taxes, everyone pays in.

Yes, there are tax breaks and credits that many in America can take advantage of, but does that mean that they lack the right to have their vote count or have their voting rights diminished?

This is a perfect example of the class warfare and pure elitism that is perpetrated by modern conservatives. And while these are the same people that claim liberals/progressives are perpetrating class warfare, one has to marvel at the unblushing way that this argument is presented as a legitimate way to change this country.


Tracy said...

What he isn't taking into consideration, that 51million that have NO tax liability that filed income taxes, that a good chunk of them are the UNEMPLOYED receiving UNEMPLOYMENT BENEFITS. They still have to pay taxes on them, but can still get their credits which might bring their liability down to zero. OH and out of all the Americans NOT filing taxes, how many are retired? underage? or the unemployed who've EXHAUSTED their unemployment benefits. OH and his comparison to government BEING big business with shareholders....that's a big crock of shit and even he knows it. If that's the case, why didn't the private sector bail out the auto industry, banks and wallfuckingstreet instead of the government? BECAUSE it's NOT BIG BUSINESS. *sigh* I can't stand idiocy. And to assume that someone living in this country that pays more taxes than I do has a bigger "stake" IN this country is such pedantic viewpoint. Does he also believe that everyone should be able to pay the same amount of taxes and we should jail all the freaking poor because they can't afford it. Oh and since we can't slave our children out in their factories, they should be placed in jail before they get started. If he makes enough money to pay out 20FUCKINGgrand in taxes, BULLY for him. I bet he also has a few houses and a bakers dozen cars. Must be nice. And I bet if he wanted KOBE beef, he'd just hop on a flight to Japan to get it. However, if he thinks for one instant that the policies in our government affect me any less than him....He's asinine pure and simple. Maybe he needs to get back to school and take another American Government class. Fucking imbecile.

Anonymous said...

The idea of an additional vote for paying taxes is not going to happen. And Walt Williams in general is worth ignoring.

However, he touches on a debate that my family has had for a long time. In Venezuela, where I grew up, a few people and most businesses pay taxes, but the great majority of people pay nothing (except for a tiny sales tax, included in the price and not added on as in the USA. Most of the state's money comes from oil.

I'm convinced that leads to the situation Williams describes, where many people simply have no stake in tax policy.

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