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Friday, May 28, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Morning

- Conservatives believe that everything in the world should be neatly compartmentalized, that everything has to be able to fall into a commercialized graphic so that we can utilize it in how we live our day to day lives. Their approach to our enemies is a great example of this. So, when John Brennan put our fight against our enemies into context, conservatives were simply unable to accept the reality laid bare before them since it completely destroyed their neatly arranged marketing set.

- I seems that there's more "evidence" that Nikki Haley - candidate for governor of South Carolina - did have an affair. I'm wondering when her apologists will make enough noise that she will get a full hour of attention from Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck on Fox"News" in order to do some serious damage control. You know it's coming.

- While I am completely in favor of immigration reform and laws that crack down on businesses that hire illegals and literally use them as near slave labor, I'm wondering why conservatives are treating this as vindication for Arizona's over-reaching law.

- With Republicans aching to regain control of The House Of Representatives, there are several bloggers ( myself included ) that feel if they do they will do nothing but try to bring about articles of impeachment. Don't expect them to make any headway, and progress ( because that's the root word for progressive, you know ) for this country - it's all about doing their best to destroy Obama.

- It seems that Sue Lowden isn't distancing herself from comments made by fellow Tea Bagger Rand Paul. In this respect, conservatives are much like an ostrich - just hide your face from the problem and it doesn't exist.

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