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Monday, May 24, 2010

Some Thoughts For Your Afternoon

- Now that Arizona is all about being a "white/English" only state in many regards, they having been going after courses that simply study other ethnicities. This is a clear reminder that conservatives have absolutely no desire to learn about the world around them but instead favor ignorance.

- Is anyone else ready for someone to do some fact checking of Zev Chafet's new book about Rush Limbaugh? I'm thinking that there's more than a healthy dose of textual hand-jobbery going on with this one. After all, Limbaugh's not going to invite a guys to his home that's going to write and honest and revealing book about him.

- Rand Paul thinks that answering legitimate questions from an actual journalist is torture? This doesn't surprise me, as conservatives have always attempted to compensate for their lack of accountability and lack of basic understand of how this country works in the 21st century by claiming there's this malevolent left-wing media bias.

- Everytime I hear conservatives claim that the entire country should follow Arizona's example of handling "immigration", I'm often reminded of the classic saying of "be careful what you wish for". Seems that now "anchor babies" are being targeted by the law. Guess which prominent conservative blogger/pundit is an anchor baby - Michelle Malkin. Someone should really press her on this aspect of Arizona's draconian stance.

- Whenever I hear a reactionary conservative talking about the alleged problems with the "constitutionality" of a piece of legislation, the more i'm inclined to think they are just opposing this to oppose it or they are so outside the pulse of modern America that they are wanting to sound far more educated on the Constitution than they really are. Dick Armey is no exception to this rule.

- The IFC media project series airs tonight with a special called "War, Fear, Greed, and Disaster". Max Blumenthal has a great segment in it that is not to be missed. If you're lucky enough to have IFC in your cable package, be sure and check this out tonight at 8pm EST.

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